Frequently asked questions

What is a safelist / Variance? How do I get one ?

It is a short term parking permit, allowing a secific vehicle identified by make model and licence plate to park in proper marked parking spaces without the use of a community parking permit. Safelists are non-transferrable and have time limitations, usually 24 hours. Rules for safelisting vary for each community, please be educated in your community parking rules in your CC&R's.

What Authority do you have to cite/tow me ?

Elite Enforcement enforces the rules and regulations set forth by your homeowners association, building management or property administration on their behalf. We do not replace or take jurisdiction away from the local police department. We follow California vehicle code as it pertains to PPT (Private Party Tow). We only enforce the rules and regulations that the homeowners association, building management or property owners and administrators ask us to enforce; rules and regulations over which the police department or city governments have no jurisdiction. California Department of Motor Vehicle Code Section 22658

I didn't know I was violating the community rules, how can I be towed?

The parking and community rules are set forth by your association. It is the responsibility of each homeowner/tenant to know what your community rules are. Unfortunatley or fortunatly, ingorance of the rules is not a defense for why rules were not followed. All rules are issued at the closing of escrow when you purchase your home. If you are a renter, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to provide you these rules and regulations. If you feel that you have a valid greviance on the validity of a tow, then you are to contact your property manager to contest the vehicle tow.

I am going on vacation, who should I notify that my car will not be moved?

If you are planning a vacation or have a valid reason why you will not be able to move your vehicle with your alotted time before violating "storage" rules pleae contact both your property manager and Elite Enforcement Security Solutions, Inc. dispatch center. Your car will be placed on a safelist during your time away.

Security officers are not law enforcement officers, do they have authority to cite and impound my vehicle?

Contracted security companies and their agents are enforcing rules that are set forth on private property, this includes vehicle violations that occur on said private property that they have exclusive rights to control. Your HOA governing docujments, to include; CCRs, parking rules, pool rules, club house rules are to be followed and enforcement by your contracted sercurity service provider.

I am sure Elite Enforcement towed my car after I safelisted it, what do I do?

Often times we safelist our vehicles or gueat vehicles last minute leading to inputting a wrong digit or switching digits. Our security guards search safelisted vehicles through our system. If they type in a license plate number and it does not come it there is a possibility your vehicle will be towed depending on the rules. You can contact our dispatch to verifiy the plate number inputted. Unfortunately, inputting the wrong plate information will result in a valid tow. We all make mistakes on occassion, we are all human. In the event the tow was in error on our part, we will contact the tow company to release your vehicle free of charge.

What is a parking permit, how do I obtain one?

Parking permits are issued by your association to identify resident and in some cases guest vehicles. This ensures the correct people are parking in their correct communities and not taking up limited spaces. Some fees may be assessed for parking permits and/or garage inspections, this varies by community. If you need a parking permit you call email us a, our permit department hours of service currently are Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Any emails or messages left off hours will be returned on the next business day.

My car and a neighbors car were in violation, why did my car get towed but my neighbor did not?

We do not discriminate against any one particular car or person over another. Our officers go out each night looking at hundreds of cars, which makes it difficult to single anyone person out at any given time. If your car was towed and theirs was not this could be for a number of reasons that you are not aware of. You neighbor may have been safelisted, they may have parker their car in the space after ou patrol officer left the area. Unfortunately, we are contracted for a specific number of times a night for a specific duration or time, we are not on the property 24 hours a day. We ensure you that we do not target or play favorites, keep in mind many other factors that may come into play.

Why didn't you just knock on my door instead of towing my car?

This may seem like the best thing to do, however, it is not a realistic possiblility for many factors. First, we do not know what car belongs to every residence in your community. Second, if we did this for every vehicle we would not be able to enforce other violations in the time allotted and Third, most importantly is safety. We do not want our officers knocking at random doors at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning by themselves with no assistance in the near area in the event a resident is angry and attacks our officer.