We have focused our efforts on the commercial industry as a result in the expansion of shopping centers thoughout Southern California. We utilize our experience and contacts in the law enforcement profession to ensure a positive collaboration with them when securing your commercial property. By building and maintaining these positive relationships we are ensuring that when a call for service is made, it is viewed as a priority and legitimate call for asssitance. We pride ourselves on our track record for deterring criminal activity on your commercial property. Elite Enforcement Security Solutions has proven to be a leader in alarm response by being the top choice when it comes to alarm companies selection of a competent and reliable patrol subcontractor.

We provide the following services for your commericial property, but are not limited to:

  • Dedicated foot/vehicle/golf cart patrol officer

  • Morning and Evening escorts of employees to their vehicles

  • Firewatch services

  • Alarm response

  • Guard Tracking Systems

  • 24-hour standby response

  • Decoy vehicles