About Us

Our Personnel

Elite Enforcement Security Solutions, Inc. management team consists of individuals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of law enforcement and security industry.

We employ highly trained, experienced, and professional security guards, active/retired law enforcement, military personnel and experienced/professional Executive protection specialists. We are dedicated to superior service and have instilled this philosophy in each member of our staff. All personnel is vetted through management during the hiring process, all staff has completed a state mandated background check and live scan before being employed by Elite Enforcement Security Solutions, Inc.

We stand behind our belief that an officer's knowledge and training is the backbone of professional security, and with industry rules and regulations ever evolving, we ensure that all of our guards are current in all licensing and training requirements.

History of Success

Unlike many of our competitors, Elite Enforcement Security Solutions, Inc. operates under a multi-layered structural system to provide for optimum customer satisfaction, as well as quality assurance. From the organization of the field staff (officers, lead officers, field supervisors, senior field supervisors, and regional supervisors) to our executive team (project managers, client relations managers, directors, and ownership), we all strive to provide the best security product in the business.

We understand the challenges facing our clients in today's economic and social atmosphere, and have assembled a team of professionals specifically suited to exceed your expectations. With 23 years of peace officer experience, 21 years of system integration knowledge (cameras, entry, access control, wireless networking, etc.), 19 years of property management background, 12 years of honorable military service (including 3 tours of duty in the Gulf Region), and 10+ years of entrepreneurial endeavors - our Executive Staff Team has a plethora of information in many facets of society. This helps us relate to the 'every day needs' of the clients with whom we partner.

Proof In Numbers

As a strong, fast growing company, we are helping more and more clients achieve their security goals each and every day. In 2015, we were honored to be recognized by the Orange County Business Journal as the 2nd fastest growing small business in Orange County. We accomplished this growth by maintaining focus on always providing the highest quality professional security and protective services we can offer.